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Science Objectifying women report

A just read a science report talking about how and why men objectify women and they say it’s because the more flesh a man sees the more help he thinks the woman needs. I find that hard to believe because when I see a woman dressed in next to nothing I’m not thinking about helping her I’m thinking about throwing her on the ground and having my sexual way with her. And I accept this as a natural pert of being human. Many men and women spend entire lives trying to battle the sex urge and put a different spin on why people do what they do. I find this ridiculous, you don’t need hours of research to know that humans are a sexual animal and most of our motives are subconscious and are driving us to want to have sex. This is why the human species has existed as long as it has this idea of Civilization being an emotionless void is silly and all people are just going to have to accept that Humans have a sexual nature and whether they know it or not do many things for sexual reasons.
Some people will argue with me but lets face it no woman wears skimpy clothes (whether she has a man or not) not to be noticed. Just like no man tries to appear more manly not to attract women. Its a game that has been being played for a very long time its just that some ideals that people have made up try to overcome basic nature. I say learn why and understand why we are all doing things and maybe you will be a much happier person also if women can accept that men (no matter how you dress) will look at you in a sexual way because that’s what men are wired to do. Face it, the basic need of all people isn’t to get married, to find love, to work, or even to be rich but to breed. The meaning of life is basically to breed with as many people as you can to spread the genetics. Women are meant to have babies that’s the whole real meaning of life everything else is just nonsense in a way.
Well that’s my rant.


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