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Do you think aliens have ever visited Earth?

I have no doubts that Aliens exist and have both in the past and in the present have visited us.
When I was at the ages of 9, 13, and 20 I have seen U.F.O’s fly by in the sky. Though I have never been abducted I can see why they would. I subscribe to theory that they being a more advanced species and a curious species treat us more like zoo animals and ounce in a while they will come down nab a person see what the human being is made up of and then record and report the newest discovery. Also they watch us to see how we react and live in our natural habitat. Just like we do with the animals in Zoo’s and in the wild.
Whether they have had anything to do with our advancement and whether they have helped advanced our society is possible but I am not sure if it is to the extent that some people would like to think.


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