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Messianic Mind Fuck

It seems that almost every religion during every age had this notion that humans needed to be saved due to sin or illogic. So many throughout history tried to claim and be these worldly saviors but as I read these various stories and theories from Pahana to the Rebbe I can’t help but think that people are missing the point. Humans don’t need some other worldly Messiah to appear out of thin air and save the day like a mighty mouse no, Humans need to take responsibility and be the awaited Messiah, Mahdi, Buddha, or Great Elder Brother. If humans actually took responsibility for there own actions and behaviors the world would have a kingdom of God because people would have to change in order to bring about the world that they want. All this talk of a someday in the future is pretty foolish if you ask me. Wars have begun in order to bring about the Messianic age various religious groups are doing what they can to start hatred and Chaos in hopes that they will be saved but the reality is they won’t be saved because they have misunderstood what these people were saying whether it be Jesus or Buddha or whoever they all say that its ultimately up to you that they will shine a light but its up to each and everyone of us to be that light and shine it forward. We must change our mentality, our outlook on life not keep the same old barbaric views in hopes of getting better but doing nothing to get better. As Bob Marley said: None but ourselves can free our Minds and I believe that it’s up to us not some person that may or may not appear in a far off day in some unknown time. You and I are the messiahs of this age and we should work to bring about the change we want to see.


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