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Terrorism since 1492

As I go about my daily business I meet people from all over the country (United States) and every so often politics comes up and it always amazes me how quick people are to demonize other cultures and other peoples. Usually this somehow turns into someone bashing Arabs and the Whole War on Terrorism, which seems ironic to me. Most of the people that do the biggest complaining are of European descent again how ironic. The idea that a person of European descent has the gall to declare war on other people for terrorism is mind baffling. But no one else seems to get it so I have to put it out there. Besides Slavery, and dropping two bombs on Japan the most over looked in peoples minds are the Native Americans. I mean as soon as Columbus set foot on the New Soil Europeans have done nothing but destroy the Native peoples lives. Even the pilgrims who landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts were only friendly with the Natives as long as the Natives were useful then the rapes, murders, and who knows what else began. Though people know all of this happened they sort of shrug it off like Oh well sucks to be them. This is because they believe it’s the past and they should just move on but the Native peoples are still treating as subhuman’s in the America’s and as far as the United States is concerned they are barely citizens.
Because so many European’s feel guilty as they should they try to say disease killed more Native peoples than actual bloodshed even though all the evidence points to the opposite because it is a myth that Native people’s didn’t have some of the same diseases as Europeans. At first it was the flu that killed them when that didn’t pan out it was something else. No doubt that some diseases did play a roll it had no bigger roll than it did in the European counterparts. It is well documented that European’s have decimated entire tribes. The number of Native American Indians murdered by Europeans in the America’s is roughly around 112 million people. That is 95% of the total Native American people gone forever. Within 300 years the Native Americans went from the majority to near extinction. How can people even try to shrug it off? The biggest terrorist this continent has seen has been and remained those of European descent.
I know that I could have gone into better details and shown how the European has terrorized the entire world but since I live in the United States I just wanted to show how the European terrorized and almost annihilated an entire people. So before you cry about an injustice that has been done to you or the terrorism that is knocking at your door just think about what you have read here and remember that this isn’t even the tip of the ice berg. Europeans have been terrorizing the world for a very long time and are responsible for much genocide throughout history.
I’m not saying that all Europeans are evil but Europeans are responsible even today as they should be. As every culture has done wrong but not to the extent that the Europeans have been allowed to get away with and then pass judgments on other peoples or cry when Karma brings the rooster home.


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