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Why don’t people like the Bible?

The reason why many people shy away from the Bible is because the bible tells us that we and our view on how the world should be is wrong. The way we live, how we treat one another, everything that we value is wrong. We would like to believe that we know everything, that we can truck on without any distractions but the reality is our way of doing things is the way of a lowly animal. The Bible calls us to a higher way of thinking and being. Many people can’t handle this because they would rather stay in the dark pretending that everything is just fine that some things are just human nature. But as the Bible says; The ways of God are higher than our ways and one day God is going to take everything that we hold dear and smash it. God will take away all of our technology and all of our possessions leaving us with only the clothes on our back. Every nation will fall.
Another part of the Bible that most Gentiles don’t like is the fact that Gentiles are not number one in the eyes of God. That Gentiles even those we believe in Jesus the Christ have a secondary place in the Kingdom of God. We will not all be equal because in Isaiah God tells him that in the new Kingdom the Gentiles will be the servants to the Israelites. That all oppressors will serve the ounce oppressed. This is something that people shy away from but it must be accepted. This is why Jews and Gentiles have two different ways of being, giving different gifts and so on. Also, Isaiah says that before the day of reckoning that many Jews will lead the people astray by making the name of God a blaspheme. Which we are seeing today many people either not believing in God and they make his God a swear.
Why is our world in such distress? Because no one is doing what they are called to do. The Israelites are to be a light of God to the entire world. Both Israelites and Gentiles are to be care takers of the earth, protectors of human life including that family and each one is suppose to act in accordance to there gifts and there designed place by the Master of All Eternity. If we don’t get hip to the word of the Most High then we will suffer worse then what we are starting to feel now. The economic crisis is nothing to what is to come if people don’t get right with the All-Mighty.
May peace and love flower wherever you go. Amen


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