Just another site Anarchist Rant (Yes Again)

I just posted two new Erotic poetry at, if you are interested please go check it out. I must also state that the person running the website has been forced to ditch some material due to censorship which I find totally disgusting. The internet needs to be a free place where people whether you agree with or not have the right to express themselves as they see fit. I also find it odd because I live in a Country named America which offers so many freedoms but never allows its citizens to live those freedoms, and if you try to live them they call you crazy, a luny, a revolutionary, or even an Anarchist, as if any of those things are bad things to be. The only person, being, that we have to answer to is God.So, let us push forward towards freedom and equality so that one day we will have true freedom instead of this torture that promises us freedom but keeps us in a mental jail.


One Response to “ Anarchist Rant (Yes Again)”

  1. sly stone
    I get the impression we might be kindred spirits with this – you appear to possess a similar belief and approach to the site about Carson Palmer as I do to mine.

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