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Do people still believe in God or do they just pretend?

Recently in Massachusetts four schools had to take down banners and change school slogans that any reference to a Higher being. In all four cases the Atheist pressing the issue was in the minority, in all four cases courts sided with the Atheist and in all four cases those claim to believe in God backed down without a peep. Which makes me ask the question Do people still believe in God or do they just say they do? Because if you truly believe in God or any Higher Power then you would feel that it was your obligation to make sure the Higher Power remains at the center of daily life. You would do everything in your power to keep anyone from defacing, ignoring, or even slandering God in any and every form. You would be willing do this even paying with your life if you had to.
But instead these supposed God lovers made little to know peep. Now I am not too surprised considering how many people in every state of America has gone soft, has bought the idea that Big BRother will always take care of you, and how issues are not for you to make. Let me point out the only 4% of Americans consider themselves to be Atheists while 95% believe in a Higher Power. So why is it that the 4% have the audacity to change what has always been? They want to change the pledge of Allegiance by taking out One Nation under God. They want to take out commandments that are from the Torah/Bible and every other reference to a Higher Power. Even a pizza shop in Brighton was almost shut down because he had a sign that said No god is worthy of worship but All, but he fought and fought and fought until he won. He defended God. But he is one in a sea of luke warm believers. It’s easy to profess your love for God when everything is nice and peachy but when the storm comes look how the many scatter. If you truly believe in God but allow these people to take God out of everyday life do you actually think that you will not be judged and condemned by your God? God does not care what a government or a Court says, God cares about what each individual does. God judges person by person and so when you face your Maker and your Maker asks you how you could allow the ways of wicked people to conquer you, your children, and the future you will have to answer. You will be just as responsible by God as that judge and as that Atheist.
Now some people will say but why should an Atheist be subject to seeing God, hearing about God, and even knowing about a God they don’t believe in. The Atheist will hide behind the first amendment but I would point out that the 1st Amendment can only apply if you have faith. A muslim doesn’t have to be subject to passages from the Bible anymore than a Christian or a Jew has to put up with Surah from the Qur’an, that’s what the 1st Amendment is talking about. It’s stating that you can’t have a be this religion or else type of attitude that the Old World had. The state of Massachusetts can’t say this state is a Catholic State and if you’re not Catholic you will have to pay a fine, or go into hiding that’s what the 1st Amendment is all about. But if you have no faith, no religion then the 1st Amendment does not apply to you. In order o provoke the 1st Amendment you have to have a faith, a religion, a belief in a God.
I would also like to point out that if you don’t want God in your life, if you don’t want to hear about a Concept that you don’t believe in then you can leave the United States which was based on Christian principles mixed with rational thought. They the founding fathers thought if you did not believe in a Higher Power in some way or form you were irrational. Also, you can leave because people have the right, the God giving rights to believe and to express our beliefs as we all see fit regardless of faith. The Atheist has no belief so therefore has no right to complain.
If a compromise could be reached I would be fore that but you see you can’t compromise over some things, you can’t tolerate certain notions if you truly believe in a God. Some subjects are black and white. So as you go about your day think about what you read and ask yourself do believe or don’t I believe and if you do then you must draw a line in the sand over somethings.


3 Responses to “Do people still believe in God or do they just pretend?”

  1. If you believe in god, you’re an imbecile. Religion has caused more problems than any government or any other idea in the history of humanity. If you disagree, you need to pull your head out of your ass. People that actually have a concept of reality are laughing at you when you aren’t there.

  2. Hide behind the first amendment? You must be joking. If you’re religious, you’re an adult that hides behind an imaginary, invisible friend for whom you and others like you have created absurd mental constructs just to back up.

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