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Preventive Protest

I spent a good portion of my saturday in Boston protesting against the might be war in Iran. The reason why is because I believe as a human being I must warn my other fellow human beings against what is or could be coming down the line. It appears that war with Iran is next on the hit list. Some people may roll eyes or think that I should just keep my mouth shut but that would go against who I am. I am an Anarchist yes but also a pacifist I don’t believe in violence for any reason what so ever. Whether it’s boxing or a person killing a person. If you think about it that’s a very mind altering experience. taking life, being told that it is alright when your whole life you are being told that it was wrong. Think about it.
But let me get back on point, I think the newest up coming war is just a big mistake instead of interfering with what they want to do let’s just mind our business and let them do what they want. Why should we worry? If America just stopped taking sides between Israel and the Arabs we would be better for it. I would say we should do what Washington intended for us to be which was a complete independent country that relies on no one, makes treaties with no one, keeps to ourselves no matter what, and never enter globalization. Sounds sort of like sweden. So I know this was sort of a ramble but I’m writing free form here.
No war with Iran
No war with anyone
Let’s make peace on earth for real.


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