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Sweet Harmony in Boston

March 31, 2012

About a week ago I was in Boston at the Purple Sham, it’s a nice pub type of environment. I was just minding my own business having a couple of beers when this older gentleman sat next to me. He was about average height short red hair with a red beard a deep voiced man. […]

Why do I think Anarchy will work opposed to Capitalism?

March 31, 2012

 The answer to this question varies from person to person so I can only tell you why I think that Anarchy will work. One we have never tried to actually live free, as humans we have always lived through a minority few oppressing and manipulating the masses. Why not at least try to create a […]

Larissa of Dighton

March 31, 2012

Perfect lips Long pig tailed black night hair Dark olive skin tone Deep mystical brown eyes Perfect nose The sun shined off of her body Nails manicured Blue and white top with a very short blue skirt Slim body with an ass that curved ever so slightly A typical girly girl Living at home with […]

First of Many…

March 31, 2012

I regret the day we met I regret taking you out I regret going out to breakfast The sun was high, cool crisp air You looked like a pornstar and I just didn’t care I regret talking to you for hours I regret our first date I regret every kiss allowing your friends to stay […]

Don’t believe

March 31, 2012

I don’t believe in the walrus he was such an opportunist using peace and love for profit making himself out to be a martyr to rally around it makes me sick to see people buy into his bullshit I don’t believe in Pumpkin she does nothing but snap photos thinking she knows everything, pretending to […]

Sunday Moments

March 29, 2012

Cop sits behind a brick wall trying not to be noticed Light skinned black lady passing herself off as white says Hello in a quant manner Her body gives her away Smoothies on a cold day fiber smiles lost lovely hitchhikers give away satisfaction for safety broke college kids do the same Self important fools […]

Bye Teeth

March 28, 2012

another tooth torn from my mouth another sleepless night another two weeks barely eating another taste of steel blood   I should have done better taking care of my jewels coughing ivory every other dentist visit precious piano keys dangling from a necklace  or being kept in a jar a drawer someone’s collectable   they’ll […]

Back Roads

March 28, 2012

I take back Roads everywhere I go even if I leave my humble state I take back roads feel the suns heat staying exactly in the moment I take back roads to feel more alive slow down the pace of life I take back roads I take back roads I take back roads I take […]

Time Among Moments

March 27, 2012

Pictures of Eva Frank hang on every wall A stuffed Hello Kitty blankly gazes out into an open room Sweet Good-mornings fill my ears Sabah stands in front of me Naked Asking not to be judged just taking Memories of past worlds invade my mind Places that no longer exist People that have grown old, […]


March 24, 2012

I have an addiction young pussy 18 to 23 i love the feeling of firm bodies the sight of perky tits round tight asses so eager to please to take me inside satisfying my every need allowing me to take them wherever, whenever save me Lord before I lose myself completely