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A Gap in the family Tree

My Uncle has decided to do the family ancestry which I would support but He only wants to do his biological fathers side. The reason why that is a problem is that He and my Father never knew the man, they never met him, so why would you go out of your way to look up someone that never cared about you? Not only is he going through great lengths to find information but he seems to be making facts up and excuses why this Man never took the responsibility of being a real man and raising his children. I just don’t get it and when I told him I thought it was silly to include someone that wanted nothing to do with you he just said a few snide remarks.
The thing is I could care less about my Ancestors so even if I knew this guy I wouldn’t care about that part of my family. I support anyone who wants to go ahead and find out who did what in the family tree but for me It doesn’t interest me. I just don’t care, I never did and I never will. I remember my family trying to tell me about my great grandparents and where we came from but it never interested me I’m too into living in the now. What does it matter what someone way back when did. Just like when I die I’m sure no one will be looking me up wondering what I was like. Plus, if you really want to find out where you’re family is from why not just get your genome done that will pin point your exact point of origin over thousands and thousands of years.
Sorry that this is more of a rant but I just had to get it out.


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