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What is Beauty?

 Many people will spend an entire lifetime believing that Beauty is what they see in magazines, music videos, billboards, and other such media. I feel sorry for those people because they will never know what true beauty is. We who know the Science of Islam know that beauty is not something you see but rather something you come into being. As you go through life you can either grow into ugliness by absorbing all the distortions of this earth or you can grow into beauty by embracing the unseen and living in the world but not of the world.

 If we look at the Islamic Star we see five points that correspond to Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. These are the main levels that people must pass through both individually and as a Society. The base of existence is Love, why? Because it was by Allah’s love that He created the universe, it is His love that holds existence together and only by connecting to this love will know His will. When you are in Love of Allah you will no longer be able to lie so you will pass into the second phase Truth. The Truth by which Allah speaks to us and sometimes through us most notably his prophets is the key to ending violence. By always speaking truth from a place of love will you change your vibrations from Negative (most humans are negatively charged) to Positive. Not everyone can handle the truth during these days so you will run into obstacles but have no fear Allah is with you. Ounce you have mastered truth you will then enter into Peace. Peace with yourself, others, the universe and of Course with God. You will become an example of peace thus showing others that peace does not mean weakness as the devil would you like to believe but strength, strength that the devils wish they had but don’t and never will. As long as humans believe in war they will never be able to enter into peace. This is why Justice does not exist, in order to have real Justice you must first have peace the two are twins you cannot have one without the other. You can be an individual who has achieved peace and mastered peace thus you will become a person of justice. But the world will not see it as justice they will say you are unfair because real Justice does not favor one person over the other. It (justice) acts with true equality, no amount of money or corrupt tactics can sway a man who has achieved justice. If you happen to move beyond justice you will then have Freedom. Freedom from the corruption and stupidity of the current Babylon system that keeps people in mental cages by allowing you to pretend that you are free without ever being free. It is the scam of the Matrix, only when you achieve and master the first  four will you be able to come and go, to be, as you were meant to be. No government in the world can touch someone when they know themselves and are themselves.

 Many have attained the above Five to varying degrees and this is why the Islamic Star shows five points but the hiding point is Beauty. Why is it hiding? Because Beauty is the hardest point to achieve due to the fact that the fractured system attacks that first before it attacks any other point. If you were to enter Beauty then you would reconnect with Allah, you would see God in every person, in self, and know from where you came and where you are going. This is the scariest point to Old Pharaoh and his Archons because if you become One with God then you will be forever beyond there grasp. You will see them as they are, as you know your true self you will see the true them thus exposing them at every corner making it plain for everyone to see the Matrix. This is why I say Beauty is a state of being not a thing to merely hold. Very few ever achieve this, so the point remains invisible until such a time when the majorit


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