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Time Among Moments

Pictures of Eva Frank hang on every wall
A stuffed Hello Kitty blankly gazes out into an open room
Sweet Good-mornings fill my ears
Sabah stands in front of me
Asking not to be judged
just taking

Memories of past worlds invade my mind
Places that no longer exist
People that have grown old, some dead
Colored by yellow lenses
Even I am not who I ounce was
Colored by yellow lenses

I was ounce married
By a neon transvestite
Pagan Passion
It didn’t last
The mood turned dark

Lilith appeared among the sweet smell of Mary
Crows nested on our minds
She moved to Brighton
Ran away with my dishes
My computer
and a newly bought Camera
She got stolen
Colored by yellow lenses

Now I found a new love
Jewish smile
Muslim eyes
Vowing forever and a week to me
Who needs some far off Paradise?
When you can have it, taste it, live it now?
Simple Kiss
Leading us through the randomness of eternity
Carving one another into the world we have created

Rings, Chains
Meaningless trinkets
Love may not be forever
So I’ll enjoy it while its walking with me

Pictures of No one hang on every wall


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