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Don’t believe

I don’t believe in the walrus
he was such an opportunist
using peace and love for profit
making himself out to be a martyr to rally around
it makes me sick to see people buy into his bullshit

I don’t believe in Pumpkin
she does nothing but snap photos
thinking she knows everything, pretending to be an artist
breaking people she befriends
whenever I see a gallery it makes me want to punch her face

How long will we cling to the losers?
How long will we celebrate the lazy?
Make mountains of Shit smell like gold
Society will take good enough and your soul

I don’t believe in Elliot
one of those hippie millionaires
gave up on his dreams
he became everything that he ounce hated
every time I see I want to take his pony tail and shove it down his throat

Am I the same as these?
a lazy fool with undeserving dreams?

I wake up, go to work
write poetry in my spare time
every time I see myself I just have to laugh


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