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First of Many…

I regret the day we met
I regret taking you out
I regret going out to breakfast
The sun was high, cool crisp air
You looked like a pornstar and I just didn’t care

I regret talking to you for hours
I regret our first date
I regret every kiss
allowing your friends to stay in my apartment
never asking for rent, you offered but never paid

I regret stopping you from going to New Hampshire
I regret our sham wedding on the transvestite farm
I regret every time I put my dick in you
You said I was boring because I had responsibilities
Now you’re struggling life isn’t so simple

I regret meeting your parents
I regret allowing myself to belong
I regret helping you move to Brighton
Outburst, you held your fist up at me
Now you act like I am a total stranger

Kara I regret you
Kara I reject you
Four years of nothing
Four years gone in the wind

( I wrote this when I was angry and being stupid, I was losing the love of my life and instead of trying to catch it, stop it from crumbling I just kicked it over but I never meant to say I regret her or even meeting her, unfortunately we say stupid things when we are angry and we don’t always like the consequences the only thing I regret is losing her I hope that she can forgive me one day and if she will never be my lover maybe we could at least be friends.)


2 Responses to “First of Many…”

  1. I hope she forgives you too, my husband said this to me after our first four years together, we broke up and I didn’t speak to him for about six months. We talked I forgave him but wasn’t ready to get back with him, three years later after doing our own thing we got back and were married a year later and we spent a wonderful thirty-seven years together. I hope the same happens for you.

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