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Larissa of Dighton

Perfect lips
Long pig tailed black night hair
Dark olive skin tone
Deep mystical brown eyes
Perfect nose
The sun shined off of her body
Nails manicured
Blue and white top with a very short blue skirt
Slim body with an ass that curved ever so slightly
A typical girly girl

Living at home with her mother
We sat in the living room
Waiting for her mom to leave
I was called for a purpose
Larissa needed sweet release

The second her mother left the door
I jumped up
Pulled out my cock
She wasted no time latching on
On her knees on a brown leather couch
She worked my half hard cock
Breathing through her nose and swiveling her head she worked me in deep
Keeping me in her mouth she worked
Soft lips and tongue
I grabbed her by the pig tails pumping her face
Unbuttoned my while shirt
She licked my shaft
Dropping my pants
She went back to sucking
Working the head
Her tongue going round and round
Knowing how to work my meat every so often she would slowly deep throat

She took off her clothes except her blue panties with a pink bow
Even her pussy was olive tone
Neat bald pussy
I sat on the couch
She rode me
Her pussy ever so tight
I had to relax my balls
Without any hesitation she humped me in a rough manner
Moaning Oh yea in a shaky thick Dighton accent
Using me fully for the purpose
The constant patter of her body slamming down on me was perfect tempo

Her small breasts giggling ever so slightly
Dark brown nipples
The sunlight bathing her body
She rod faster hitting climax after climax
Breathing so franticly she could barely catch her breath
Her ass was round
I got her on her back
Her legs spread and up
Pushing inside her pussy
Pumping slowly she let out a squeal
Slapping her ass I pumped faster
Each slap echoed through her house
Feeling great while I fucked her hard
She loved it when I dug deep inside her
Working her angelic body
She never stopped staring up into my eyes
Even when we crossed the border of pleasure and pain

Keeping the hard steady pace
Feeling her pussy tighten as she hit her peaks

She got on her side
I pushed up her ass
So tight
Go easy she told me
I pumped with a quick deep thrust
Maintaining my speed and thrusting she soon was begging me not to stop
Her football boyfriend never did this to her
Soon I was slamming into her with all my might
Yelling yes over and over and over
Another anal slut was being born
Smiling I kept thrusting
Enjoying myself

We switched into doggy
Proudly she stuck her ass up in the air
Slamming my meat in her ass grabbing her hips
Humping her with great force
She loved it
Reaching newer sexual peaks
I relentlessly pounded her pussy forcing her to scream out in bloody murder
Telling her that she was now a real whore
Her body was now mine
No matter whom she dated or married I would be fucking her forever
She kept moaning and screaming
Reached up and grabbed her by the pig tails
Pulling her on the floor jerking my cock until my heavy loads of liquid white gold splattered all over her face
She told me that she would always be my whore
Sucked my cock for a few more moments
We showered
I left


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