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Sweet Harmony in Boston

About a week ago I was in Boston at the Purple Sham, it’s a nice pub type of environment. I was just minding my own business having a couple of beers when this older gentleman sat next to me. He was about average height short red hair with a red beard a deep voiced man. He ordered a drink and just started talking to me I found out his name was Sean and he was originally from Whales we chatted about everything under the sun and even bought each other a few beers. As I was getting ready to leave he told me that his woman would like me because she likes smart funny guys. Before I could say OH Yea he asked if I would like to meet her. I was sort of stunned since I wasn’t sure if she was with him or she was a figment of his imagination but as I was thinking of a nice way to say no thank you he pulled out a picture from his wallet and handed it to me. It was a face big of big blue eyes blond with curly hair. I normally don’t care for blondes but she seemed cute and what they hell. I tried not to jump to conclusions but I was pretty sure I was going to be getting some pussy if this was going the way I thought it would be going. Before we left the bar I asked if she was near by we walked a down the street and he pointed a Motel and said she’s in there he then reached in his pocket and gave me his key. That’s all you should need just go and make yourself comfortable I’ll be up shortly. My mind was racing this guy barely knew me and here he was giving me the key to his Motel were his woman was staying. Either I was being set up or he was gullible trust worthy. But I knew that if I needed to fight my way out that I could and that I wouldn’t enter the room until I knew it was safe.
So I made my way up to the room as nonchalant as I could when I arrived at the door I looked both ways to make sure no one else was around then I knocked. I heard a sweet voice saying enter. Are you sure? I asked in a very standoffish way. Yea she replied so I opened the door and there was standing in the center of the room wearing nothing but thigh black stockings, white panties and a black bra. Her hair was long pulled back into a pony tail I walked in she turned facing away from me jiggling her thick ass bending over so I could get a good look I could even see her plump pussy sticking through her panties. While she was dancing I asked if she did this a lot. She told me that only did this if Sean liked the guy. I smiled and slapped her ass hard. Oh Bekle she said I stopped you know my name eh? Yea she said he called me before you came. She took my left hand and sucked my fingers one by one as if she was giving me a preview of what she was going to be doing to my dick. She then got on the couch removed her panties and started fingering her own ass hole. I stripped down while she was doing this. She looked at my cock and smiled nice very nice she said in smooth tongue voice. The couch she was on was an old Victorian couch with that off gold coloring and floral design.

As she leaned forward on the couch I got behind her and pushed my cock inside her tight asshole. Oh fuck OH shit Oh fuck she moaned out. In no time I began to pump fast and steady. Oh shit fuck Oh yea damn her voice flocculation with different tones. Her ass did feel nice and tight maybe the tightest ass my cock has ever been stuck into but I knew I couldn’t get to into it I had a job to do and that was to fuck this silly slut. Oh shit fuck Oh yea Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, she kept moaning with low and high pinched tones of lust. WE then switched were I was on the couch and she was riding my cock in reverse cowgirl slamming down my cock screaming out OH my fucking God SHIT YEA OH YEA FUCK YEA over and over again. The people in the room must have heard her people down the hall way must of heard this crazy slut yelling as she rode my dick like a pro. Holy SHIT that’s fucking good I love your dick in my ass she kept repeating while riding my cock pleasing herself torturing herself. Like a wild animal she kept ramming down on my cock stretching her asshole. All I had to do is stay hard and enjoy her anal sensations. I’m her cock whore violate my ass she yelled out. She then jumped off my cock got on her knees and sucked my cock shoving my meat down her throat to my balls were on her lips. She made a strange almost duck sound while she worked my cock bouncing her head up and down with as much force as she did with her ass.
A few minutes later she jumped back on me in cowgirl shoving my dick back inside her ass pressing her tiny breasts in my face yelling OH my God Holy Shit as she bounced her ass on my dick. You like my jiggling ass you asshole? She moaned out I said OH yea which made go faster and harder you feel good so fucking good she kept repeating in out of breath panic tones. Again she leapt to her knees and sucked my cock clean making her weird duck sounds while thrusting my cock deep down her throat.
On the floor she got on her hands and knees I pushed my cock inside her and just wailed on her tiny asshole. Oh yea-fucking tare me open baby she screamed out loving it telling me how much she loved it. I pulled out of her ass and had her suck my cock again only to put her on her back fucking her ass to get her back on her knees to suck my cock. Whenever I nail I girl in the ass I love to have suck my cock clean but this time she was sucking like a pro. I couldn’t help myself I just started to ejaculate in her mouth she opened her mouth wide allowing me to fell her hole with my cum. She swallowed every drop she then sucked my cock again making slurping sounds.

She got up and went to the bathroom I quickly got dressed and made my out of the Motel. I didn’t want to stick around I got what I wanted and that’s all I cared about.

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