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Guide Back

April 30, 2012

You always said I’d be lost without you You were right I can barely function I can barely move I lay in bed at night with jet blackness engulfing me leaving me with my thoughts thoughts of you thoughts of the life we planned thoughts of not being able to live without you I need […]

She taught

April 29, 2012

She taught me how to dress she taught me how to comb my hair she taught me what products to use she taught me why I shouldn’t slouch she taught me the meaning of love she taught the meaning of life she showed me places of jinn and sun she showed me the whispers of […]

Love Her

April 29, 2012

I loved her when I first glanced at her I loved her with a stronger passion as the years rolled by I love her now, even though she hates me and I’ll continue to love her as I slip into eternity

Kara MacFarland and I

April 29, 2012

kara and I broke up and as much as she drove me crazy at times I still love her. Maybe I always will maybe that’s a curse I have to live with. I said some things that I regret out of my own inability to deal with the situation, and there is no real reason […]

Kara MacFarland Sorry

April 29, 2012

I don’t know why I acted the way I did I was hurt I was crushed I was foolish You were my first real love Losing you was the worst pain I have ever felt I fell in love with you every morning when I woke up beside you every kiss you gave me every […]

Stick Figure

April 27, 2012

Little white stick figure on the window of a caravan proving that this parent loves her children but does it? Isn’t it a facade? A look how great I am when in reality I’m a loser a cover up of what an awful parent this person may be I don’t buy these stick figures self […]


April 25, 2012

You left my family in 1952 a few days after my father was born still you still linger a shadow that’s ever present lurking on the branches of the family tree Grandma spoke of you Kind words for the one she still loved never ounce did she condemn that man I know all I need […]

Emotional Movie

April 25, 2012

Digital space suit monkey black tea sweetness falling into cybertronic combinations dry green tea tonsils sailing through embryonic waves honey wheat transforms the limitations tattoo hello kitty of judah survey, survive, techno bombsin the skull split lips acidic blood smoothed over crystals conversation in the next car my grandparents don’t drink just out of ear […]

Poet Call

April 22, 2012

They call me the poet because I’m always writing reading dreaming traveling between dimensions I don’t feel like a poet I feel used, worn a habit fueled junky word reciting womanizer squatter atom splitter one day I’ll reconcile the two clean up wake up write something worth the ink until then I guess I’m the […]

Bad Voice

April 22, 2012

Television blasting almost nine at night off key voices distorted harmonies Tom Petty eyes rolling useless wannabe free fall off of a cliff talentless people must die or at least stay off of the television