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Cuban Mocha Girl (she knows who she is)

She has Cuban Mocha Skin
light italian brown eyes
with Afro curly hair
five foot one
extra thin
small breasts with almond colored nipples

In a back room
red walls
red velvet couch
she dances for me naked
flowery perfume pours off of her body
kissing my nack,
my ears
her body pressing itself, rubbing itself all over mine
voice whispery soft

we talk while she dances
about her long lost brother
about her lovely god child
about her various tattoos
about the young kid she saved from the streets
she’s angelic
struggling to get by
digging her ditch deeper and deeper
just like the rest of us

reaching down
she plays with my penis
stroking it
jerking it
kissing it
licking it
wanting me to ejaculate for her
some would wrongly judge this lost princess
neither of us belong here
yet, here we are
Colliding into each others lives

Our different complexions combine
sinking inside I feel her intensely
she is my own Mary of Magdala
blessing in an unusual circumstance

resting in a lust filled glow
exchange numbers and saliva
cares, lip locking until the early morning hours

Don’t fall for me she warns
just enjoy the gifts I give
I can contact her at anytime
We can talk
we can embrace each others nudity at a moments notice

(fast forward to present day)

I don’t break the walls
Neither of us do
We stay within the limits we set for one another
At times I want to break down the walls
be more than whatever we are

I catch myself
erase those thoughts from my mind
enjoying the gifts she gives me


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