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Variety Forever

variety is the spice of life
why should sex be different?
why do you preach that I’m wrong?
For me I’m right

taking many lovers to my bed
wedding many wives
keeping my inner fire burning
allowing myself the benefits of be a man

daily pleasure
constant release
without boredom

new faces
new bodies
friends with benefits
bedroom lovers
night owl wives

why not?
who made your rules?
one wife
one woman for the rest of your life
fighting your urges
fulfilled only in flight moments

why not act?
why not do what men of old did
why be stuck in a hellish state?

use sense
be upfront
be honest
hide nothing
keep no secrets
live open
live free
put no one in a mental cage

sexual variety does not take away from love
many lovers
why must we cage in love
locking it in superstition

enjoy the great gift of life
as they were meant to be
not as sexless dopes want them to be

hide nothing
be honest
enjoy life

(This is me questioning our current society in it’s out look on love and sex and how not everyone is made for that type of relationship. Monogamy is not for everyone so why is it forced? Why do people feel the need to live in a rigid life style when they would be happier living the life they dream about? As long as you are upfront and honest I don’t see the big deal p.s. the line about the benefits of man isn’t saying men are better or enjoy sex more it’s just that I’m a man and can only speak from the perspective)


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