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Poet Call

They call me the poet
because I’m always writing
traveling between dimensions

I don’t feel like a poet
I feel used, worn
a habit fueled junky
word reciting womanizer
atom splitter

one day I’ll reconcile the two
clean up
wake up
write something worth the ink
until then
I guess I’m the poet


3 Responses to “Poet Call”

  1. I love this 🙂

  2. […] Poet Call ( Rate this: Share this:DiggEmailFacebookTwitterStumbleUponRedditMorePrintLike this:Like19 bloggers like this post. Tags: Arts, bakers dozen, Children's, dark castle, future present, jetski, literature, nasty world, peaceful life, philosophy, Poet, poetry, sahil khanna, sherlock holmes, true rest ARCHIVES Select Month May 2012  (3) April 2012  (4) March 2012  (1) February 2012  (2) January 2012  (6) December 2011  (10) November 2011  (1) October 2011  (1) September 2011  (1) August 2011  (5) July 2011  (4) June 2011  (2) May 2011  (4) April 2011  (12) September 2009  (3) YOU MAY ALSO LIKE TO READ MY THESE WORKS-Am I Lost Between My Sayings And Doings An Emotion Called Love ARTICLE Connoisseur Of Life DRUGGED LIFE Earth's Son David Erotic Poems Hands To Care How To End Let Me Think Made In Heaven MY BLOGGING AWARDS Old Change POEMS Short Stories So What Happened Spotlight The Jailed Emperor The Jailed Emperor ( Part – 2 ) The Last Breath The Less Loved Life The One Of A Kind Story Of Mine The Second Last Meeting The Seized Death The Trademark Of Success The True Essence Of Life Tears Two Magical Words Unfinished Lies Unnamed We Humans […]

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