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Emotional Movie

Digital space suit monkey
black tea sweetness
falling into cybertronic combinations
dry green tea tonsils
sailing through embryonic waves
honey wheat transforms the limitations
tattoo hello kitty of judah
survey, survive,
techno bombsin the skull
split lips acidic blood
smoothed over crystals

conversation in the next car
my grandparents don’t drink
just out of ear shot I hear every word
window muffled
it lifts my mind
I wonder
about old Salvatore
the grandfather I never knew
didn’t stop people comparing us
being held up to a candle
long after the flame had been extinguished
eyes staring
the human mind is strange

accept others as they are
compare no one to anyone
don’t be cruel
don’t be unfair

( a stream of consciousness type of poem)


2 Responses to “Emotional Movie”

  1. Love the first stanza.

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