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Fell out

May 10, 2012

Well Kara and I talked and she told me that she simply fell out of love with me and that’s why everything hit the fan. I can respect that and at least she finally came clean instead of playing any more head games. Instead of feeling hurt I felt and feel relieved, relieved that the […]

Sun letting Go

May 7, 2012

When the sun goes down on my life I would like you to be there as my simple friends as a one time companion it would comfort me so seeing your radiance before I let go into the garden of the unknown

Dance of Dances

May 6, 2012

sex the dance of life and death the ego shaker sex primitive, natural, vital smacking our plastic world in the face thoughts of self vanish naked majestic in every way I celebrate Sex Physical Spiritual Perfect Sex the dance of life and death

Last Lost

May 6, 2012

The last lost children run through autumn woods crunching leaves giggling unaware that they are the last generation unable to breed no one to guide them all they perceive is ancient forgotten wisdom symbols of a meaningless age gone by play children be free while life pulsates through your bodies soon you too will be […]

Pluck Gloves

May 6, 2012

dovetail joints flying through my mind naked points frying in the sea of time standing on broken lights and forgotten dreams after all I have no clue what life may mean It’s all empty It’s all empty Meaningless dribble of the insane Sister Mary Knuckle Rules you Measure your eyes to see what you’ll do […]

Columbian Sisters

May 6, 2012

Two columbian sisters one dressed in Communist Red and Black the other dressed in pacifist white and black both with angelic bodies night sky hair passion potion smiles they bring me into a clean white room only two black chairs they kiss feel each others breasts show off each others bodies stripping down I move […]

Just Friends

May 6, 2012

So kara and I have decided to become just friends which I am excited about because I think we would make great friends. Of course we will take it in baby steps and see where it leads. She has asked me to think of some boundaries and as I sit and think my mind is […]

Some interesting relationships

May 3, 2012

Some interesting types of relationships Open Relationship-is a relationship in which the participants are free to have emotional and/or physical relationships with other partners, often within mutually agreed limits. If a couple in an open relationship are married, it can be called an open marriage. Open marriage- typically refers to a marriage in which the […]

Lost entries

May 3, 2012

As I sat at the car dealership reading The wise mind of Haile Selassie, I kept thinking of Kara and how it’s strange that I miss her when she is gone but when she is near I sometimes get frustrated with her and myself. Sometimes I even feel suffocated but I still care about her.
As […]

I will by the Beatles

May 3, 2012

Who knows how long I’ve loved you You know I love you still Will I wait a lonely lifetime If you want me to, I will. For if I ever saw you I didn’t catch your name But it never really mattered I will always feel the same. Love you forever and forever Love you […]