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Dangling Keys

subtle rain
peaking sun
highlighted hair
long sleeve shorts
broken toys
shipping movie
medium air blowing

the cold muggyness slides down my face
sensation of steel peel through my outer layers
feeling of lost pain
pleasure means nothing
I’m justice wrapped in a plastic bag pressed against a whores ass

armored car
red strips
pulls up in front of a falling building
newly build
collecting paper
keeping the illusion alive
our world of fantasy which we pretend is real
going through a meaningless rat race
having no useful right to think
we breath in defiance

God made man with purpose
hunt,gather,live in tribes
everyone pulling weight
instead we get paper that divides us
we fall for ownership
strayed so far from our meaning
in the name of mind numbing progress
growing weaker,
more useless
by the second
forgive us O heavenly father

let the rain fall
wash away our ignorance
wash away my civilized stench
wake me from the bubble tea world we’ve created
bring back the days of harmony

all becomes quiet
soul shift takes place


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