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Thanksgiving Surprise

My friend Donnie and I have been friends for sometime and ever since I met him I’ve always wanted to have sex with his wife. She’s a five foot two inch Asian queen with librarian nerdy glasses, pales skin, thin lips, nice shape not too curvy but not as straight up and down like most Asian women are and she has the perkiest breasts that I have ever seen I mean they point right at you.
She’s a very flirtatious woman always wearing very revealing clothes teasing myself and some of other Donnie’s friends but as soon as things start to go down she always stops, smiles and walks away. Now Don knows all of this because he sees it of course but usually laughs it off and tells us maybe next time.
Two days before thanks giving I’m at home just chilling with a lady friend when I get a call from Don. I pick up and he asked me if I could come over on thanksgiving because he wants me and the guys to do something for him. I asked what but he just paused then told me he would tell me later. He gave the time for nine at night. When thanksgiving came I went over and Don greeted me in his usual way big bear hug why he does this I have no idea soon the other guys show up, four of us not including Don. He tells us that tonight will be our lucky night because he is going to allow us to have our way with his wife. Whatever we want to do we can do on this night. He told us how she always goes to bed with no pajama bottoms just a top and that we can just grab her up and have our way. As soon as he said this my cock started to get hard just thinking about that tight pussy got my mind racing. He informed us that she would be back soon and would want to get ready to bed. We all smiled deciding to go to the bedroom, undress and wait for her.
We went up stairs and waited for her to come home. The other guys seemed to be impressed with my cock before you know it we were laughing and a couple guys asked if I would mind giving it to there women. Smiling I told them I had no problem The other guys that were with me were Mike a slim guy with long black hair, Antonia typical Italian looking guy, and Sammy short chubby guy. After a while or what seemed like a long time we heard Don and his wife Annie talking down stairs. He mentioned nothing about us being up stairs after a few minutes she told him that he was going to bed. We all stood to the sides of the bed hearing her getting closer to the door. She made it to the door started to turn the handle stopped and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Then we heard her start walking back to the room she yelled out goodnight to Don and walked in. A stunned look came over her face as she saw all of us standing naked what the fuck? She said in a way that was half excited half scared. Fuck is the word Sammy said smiling while Antonio made his way to the bedroom door to shut it. She looked around all our hard cocks pointing at her we walked towards her. Her nipples erect piercing her black shirt she started to back up only to find she had no place to go. What about Don? She uttered quickly we all started to laugh and told her how she belonged to us for the night. With one quick motion I picked her up and threw her on the bed figuring talk time was over I parted her legs and pushed inside her pussy with a quickness giving her no time to think I started pounding hard and fast ramming my long thick cock inside her. She quickly started to moan out Sammy standing on the edge started to call her a cunt and proceed to tell her how we are going to tare her pussy up. The other guys made their way to the bed each one jerking their cocks. I stared to slow down then we got her in doggy style. Sammy still calling her various names and telling her how she’s I for it Antonio grabbed her by the head and pushed his cock in her mouth while I pushed back inside her pussy. Her pussy was everything I thought it would be perfectly wet but not too wet and tight as all hell. The minute I started to pump her pussy with a fierceness that I didn’t before Antonio pushed his cock down her throat instead of loud moans we heard loud gargling sounds we made jokes of how she was sounding like a Gremlin the harder I pounded the louder and more intense her Gremlin noises became. Grabbing her hips Antonio started to face fuck her every ounce in a while pushing his dick ball deep holding her head there then slowly taking his cock almost out of her mouth so she could breath through her nose then do it again. Sam started to tell how this was going to be the rest of her life, how we were going to fuck her and treat her like whore from this day forward. We all agreed that we were enjoying this pussy maybe too much but it seemed all of our sexual tensions were coming out. Her tiny ass jiggling as I pumped her tight pussy. She then pushed Antonio away I held her hips she started scream Mike who was being quite yelled out she’s coming I kept pumping knowing that she was. We let her scream out for a few minutes then Mike grabbed her head and shoved his dick in her mouth holding her head while he face fucked her. Sammy asked if she loved my cock pulling her by her hair away from Mike’s dick she yelled out that she loved my cock how she never had a cock like mine before. We busted out laughing stopping for barely a second telling her that she was a crazy bitch and then right back to impaling. Mike face fucked her again while I got some pounds in that pussy. Then Mike backed up I pushed her forward taking my dick out of her abused hole.
She went face forward flat on the bed we’re not nearly done we told her. Antonio walked behind her picked her hips up and pushed his dick inside her. I grabbed her by the hair slapped her with my cock then pushed inside her mouth. Her mouth was just as tight as her pussy. Sam telling her that this was her new mission in life, to be our whore was her life’s mission. If her mouth didn’t feel so good I would of started laughing right then and there were he came up with this shit I had no idea but her mouth was locked on my cock. Tongues twirling round my cock head and shaft slowly going down her throat while Antonio pumped away. Soon the gremlin sounds were back every so often I’d take my cock out of her mouth letting her scream out then push it back in smiling. Mike seemed a bit uneasy not participating as much as Antonio, Sammy and myself. I looked at him motioned him to get back on the bed he stood still jerking his meat. I guess some guys don’t know a good thing when it kicks them in the teeth. She started slamming her feet up and down her mouth got tighter as she began to cum again. Antonio kept pumping making her orgasm all the harder. I stood with both my hands behind my back pushing my dick slowly down her throat then slowly back until my cock head met her lips. Mike was pacing behind Antonio in an almost nervous way. Antonio slowed down he pulled out told Mike he was next but he turned the pussy down and walked over to her face, we put her hair in a pony tail and slapped his cock against her face. Sammy turned down the pussy too so I gladly went back and took my place. Pushing inside her pussy Oh fuck she yelled out. You love his cock? Sam asked I love all cock she replied. That’s a good whore Sam repeated in a mantra type state. Mike began to pump her face while I held her hips and slammed up inside her he reached down and grabbed her by the ponytail. Her pussy welcomed my cock inside it with much ease. Her body not as tense as before she was enjoying herself. On some lever maybe this was what she was hoping for, for us to use her as piece of meat for our own pleasure. Maybe Don and her talked about this who knew but I knew never to question a good thing. Her pussy made my cock tingle a feeling only certain pussies give a man, it’s rare but it does happen on occasion. I placed my hands on her shoulders unleashing more power Mike took his dick out of her mouth she started to yell out Thank You over and over again. Sam being the constant commentator asked her if she was thanking us for turning her into a dirty fucking whore, which she replied yes over and over again. She started to orgasm again her upper body falling flat on the mattress I slapped her assed five loud hard smacks while she screamed into the mattress pumping without any hesitation.
Mike and Antonio stood on either side she slowly sat up grabbed both there cocks and first sucked Mike’s cock then Antonio’s going back and forth stopping only to scream out. Every time she went to sucks Mike cock he would grab her by the back of her head push his cock all the way down her throat hold her there then pull out allowing her to gasp for air only to do it again. When she started to orgasm again Mike didn’t let her pull away he held her steady with his dick in his mouth I pumped harder than before my balls slapping so hard for a brief moment it drowned out all other sound. Enjoying her pussy I became a pussy hog but no one seemed to mind. I kept working her pussy until she came again falling face down screaming. I pulled out Sam took his place and slid inside her grabbing her hair he unleashed with avenges yelling at her and pumping her fast, deep, relentlessly in an almost angry way. I walked over she grabbed my cock suck that I told her she obeyed immediately working the cock of my head. By the look in her eyes I could tell that she was in another world so full of pleasure and pain she was almost on autopilot going through the motions. Her eyes were almost glazed full of lust. She seemed to orgasm quicker and quicker with every pumping the longer we fucked her the more she hit those peaks.
Sam pulled out and I went right back in I seemed to be enjoying myself more than the other guys or at least not passing up any pussy when it was offered. Now her pussy was getting sloppy but I didn’t care I wanted that so I took still enjoying myself and the company of my brothers. I pulled her back so she could ride my dick she was getting tired she rode me slowly and sucked Mike’s and Antonio’s cock slowly. We got her back in doggy Mike took his turn to bat pumping her fast but shallowly I kneeled in front of her pushing my dick in her mouth she sucked it working it deeper and deeper down her throat that’s one thing no man ever tires of. Mike started pumping deeper grabbing her hair pushing her head down on my cock with every thrust I kneeled there enjoying every sensation of her mouth, motions, and almost stillness of the beauty of the moment.
Her face was covered with sweat and drool we flipped her over on her back Mike and I switched I brought to the edge of the bed pushed in her and pumped at a medium steady pace. All the other guys crowded around her face good girl Sam kept repeating in the same tones that people say to their pets. Each one the guys rubbed there cock heads all over her face finding her mouth at different times she would suck one then the other. They were almost on top of each other as there wasn’t much space but none of them seemed to mind. Sam grabbed her by the throat tilting her head he face fucked her I kept pumping going a little faster she was orgasiming again. Her body tightened then relaxed until the wave washed over her. Then Mike went to grab throat and did the same as Sam. I began to pump harder and faster Sam and Mike took her shirt off revealing her small perky breasts seeing them I started to slam harder reaming her cunt hole. Leaning forward ramming away feeling the need to bust I pulled out so I could relax my balls.
She only got a few seconds of rest before Sam pulled her on top of him telling her to ride his cock. She did slowly for some reason I pushed her forward and pushed my dick in her ass she gave a loud almost panicked yelp the other guys were amazed saying Holy Shit man I pumped with a steady pace working my cock deeper and deeper into her anal cavity. Sam underneath kept saying Give it to her man. Sam held her tight to him while she took the anal dicking screaming out in bloody murder. The guys were standing behind me while I slammed inside her the sound of balls on ass check filled the room Sam laying still just kept holding Annie for dear life. I gave her one last thrust then pulled out. Mike and Antonio clapped my hand.
She got off of Sam slowly we stood around her she was on her knees looking up at us with a look that she was just brutalized. We had her suck our dicks for a few moments but I wanted more ass when I told the guys this they were like next time man I shook my head and said fuck that getting her back in position she tried to voice her opinion but we had to remind her that she has no opinion among us her only goal is to serve. So I pushed back inside her ass it was swollen tighter than before I pumped slowly stretching her ass out soon the other guys wanted to hit that ass so we each took turns with her ass. Talking bout how good it felt as she was on her knees moaning taking each one of us. Mike pounded her ass the longest finally that man was enjoying himself. After a while I got on my back she lowed herself on my dick Mike took her ass and Sam took her mouth we all started pumping at the same time Antonio kept telling us that we were fucking crazy but he was still jerking his cock while he watched. Soon he was in taking turns with her mouth right along with Sam.
We got her on her knees one last time and had her suck our cocks until we ejaculated all over her face. She then collapsed on the bed we all laughed and went down stairs. It was now five in the morn we talked to Don about how it went and he was down for this to be a weekly get together.

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