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Columbian Sisters

Two columbian sisters
one dressed in Communist Red and Black
the other dressed in pacifist white and black
both with angelic bodies
night sky hair
passion potion smiles

they bring me into a clean white room
only two black chairs
they kiss
feel each others breasts
show off each others bodies
stripping down
I move towards them
lust sparkling eyes
immediately they pull down my pants
one kissed my lips
the other dropping to her knees
slowly taking me into her mouth

they spoke in misused tones
heavy breathing
fingers all over my body
my penis never leaving a wanting mouth for too long

they both got on the black couch
asses up
faces towards the wall
with enjoyment I took them
sliding in and out of one
then repeating with the other

the smell of carnal sex filled the air
human voices distorted into animalistic growls
until climax came
bringing us back to our senses


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