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Last Call

Last call
Roll the ball
What will the eye loose?

Behind the cat is a way to get small
In front of the caterpillar you’ll grow tall
A choice of no choice at all
Relevance is only dependant on if you know who you are

Secret love can’t embrace the sun
Jupiter is the father of Pluto
Hunger dives with swans
Oranges for sale

Freedom the eternal pipe dream
In hale knowledge to escape poverty
Embers showed me true reality
Few will know the joy I have found

The further from God I feel the closer I am
Disturbed by what I was about to become
I knocked until Moses answered the door
Flooded roads don’t bother me
Howl on lost puppy
Winding cakes vomit bunnies
All is mind,
Mind is all
Fragrance travels up from Hull

Unearth the earth you’ve created
Hope you enjoy the meal you’ve prepared
Choke it down if you must
You have only you to blame

Last call
Roll the eight ball
What will you lose?
Only you can choose

© 2012 Abdul Batin Osman Bey


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