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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles

I find it strange that Viacom is saying that the T.M.N.T. no longer belongs to the people who grew up with it in the 1980’s. Saying now it belongs to the younger generation but I must remind Viacom that it was the 80’s generation that made T.M.N.T. the household name that it has become. If that generation rejected the Turtles then we would not be having this conversation. Also, certain things do belong first to the generation that initially liked it and then second to every other generation. Examples are shows like Leave it to Beaver, the name itself brings back 1950’s America, the Beatles who were the 1960’s, Led Zeppelin makes one think of the 1970’s, Nintendo is a 1980’s staple, Rocco’s modern Life reeks of the 1990’s, etc, etc
It is the generation of the 1980’s who will pay to buy tickets, dolls, and other products.
Now I am not saying that this generation cant enjoy the T.M.N.T. just like we have all enjoyed things from former generations but let us not destroy the foundation just to appease a newer crowd. Let those who truly love the show find it and feel that link to the past and future, allow every generation to add to it not destroy it. Build a legacy instead of slipping by as appeasers who only linger on because of the great past they had. Don’t be the Rolling Stones.


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