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Sun letting Go

May 7, 2012

When the sun goes down on my life I would like you to be there as my simple friends as a one time companion it would comfort me so seeing your radiance before I let go into the garden of the unknown Advertisements

Dance of Dances

May 6, 2012

sex the dance of life and death the ego shaker sex primitive, natural, vital smacking our plastic world in the face thoughts of self vanish naked majestic in every way I celebrate Sex Physical Spiritual Perfect Sex the dance of life and death

Bald Boy

May 2, 2012

Lonely Bald headed boy sad scowl forever on his face arms clutching loads of junk food lonely bald headed boy desperately pleading for a better life drinking in his empty black lighted room dreaming of the future wife he’s too afraid to ask on a date lonely bald headed boy come out of your one […]

Kara MacFarland and I

April 29, 2012

kara and I broke up and as much as she drove me crazy at times I still love her. Maybe I always will maybe that’s a curse I have to live with. I said some things that I regret out of my own inability to deal with the situation, and there is no real reason […]

Death Ride

April 17, 2012

I have always known death he visits often claiming loved ones in most unusual ways my heart loves death my flesh fears decay overall it matters little not at all as the reaper reaps slaying human wheat my moment is arriving without notice without warning gates of pain are open pass through to a destination […]

Crystal Hair Up

April 3, 2012

Behind your face I see nothing an empty book that ounce had lines your lips are slowly asking questions that can only be heard by the blind Am I the one to notice? feathers of forgotten rhyme are your eyes covered with madness? Because you were left out in the tide Say Hello to the […]

Sunday Moments

March 29, 2012

Cop sits behind a brick wall trying not to be noticed Light skinned black lady passing herself off as white says Hello in a quant manner Her body gives her away Smoothies on a cold day fiber smiles lost lovely hitchhikers give away satisfaction for safety broke college kids do the same Self important fools […]