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Last Call

September 17, 2012

Last call Roll the ball What will the eye loose? Sight? Wait? Food? Behind the cat is a way to get small In front of the caterpillar you’ll grow tall A choice of no choice at all Relevance is only dependant on if you know who you are Secret love can’t embrace the sun Jupiter […]

Lost Green Poem

April 22, 2012

A swig of absinthe a taste of mead opium fills the mind mary jane closes the eyes poetry pours out of my soul into the bubble hanging over my mind waiting to be popped land on paper read by strangers digested quoted allowing others to pop bubbles become a poet become an addict become real

Sunday Moments

March 29, 2012

Cop sits behind a brick wall trying not to be noticed Light skinned black lady passing herself off as white says Hello in a quant manner Her body gives her away Smoothies on a cold day fiber smiles lost lovely hitchhikers give away satisfaction for safety broke college kids do the same Self important fools […]

Inside God

November 16, 2011

Search in vain to find your God Have you learned nothing? Look in the mirror There you will find your deity Each creation is an aspect of the Most High Heart is the alter Mind the incense Body the temple Spirit the eternal We humans are all but a small portion of the Lord That […]