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Why do I think Anarchy will work opposed to Capitalism?

 The answer to this question varies from person to person so I can only tell you why I think that Anarchy will work. One we have never tried to actually live free, as humans we have always lived through a minority few oppressing and manipulating the masses. Why not at least try to create a world were this no longer happens. A world were people do things because they enjoy doing what they do and they do it not for possessions, fame, or other ulterior motives but for the simple pleasure of aiding the human family to a better way of being. A world were everyone shares what they have and Wars are the things of a primitive past.

 Another reason why I know it will work is because it has been tried by a minority few who many look at for inspiration on how to live. When we read the Torah we find almost all the prophets are proposing simple communal living without over ritualized worship and with out the wicked poor and the wicked rich. In fact they worn Israel of what will happen if they continued with their Capitalistic society. We also read that true religion  is not just loving God but helping the windows, the orphans, as well as your neighbor. When we get to the New Testament we see Jesus echoing that back to simplistic lifestyle teaching ounce again to live in harmony with one another pointing out the errors of his society and telling people how to overcome by peaceful, self-defense. We find in the letters of Paul, James, and other writers of the early Church that they lived in local Communities helping one another out sharing all they had. We can even look towards the teachings of Muhammad for the same guidelines and inspiration. His followers too lived as the early Christians did leaving behind world of wicked self for a world of Ones with not only God but with all of humanity. Before Christ Buddha taught the same principles. Though today most of those principles have been distorted by Capitalists the truth is all of the above mentioned faiths and many I did not mention like certain aspects of Rastafari and Taoism, are calling us to live the Anarchist lifestyle.

 When the United States celebrates July 4th they should look at what the founding fathers wanted. they wanted the states to be self-governing only going to the president over unsettled disputes which they modeled after ancient Greece and wouldn’t you know the Ancient Greeks lived in City State communities helping one another sharing with each other simply to better themselves and those who they met. The very idea of early America is in line with an aspect of Anarchism but the Anarchist spark seems to dissolve because it is easy to take advantage of it for your own gain. That is why I said no one tries it because no one has maintained it. What we would need to do is keep it from being corrupted by not allowing people to become complacent. That has been the enemy of Anarchy is peoples quickness to settle for what thy got. People forget the errors of the past then they repeat them. We must find a way to stop the repeat. Even if we go back to primitivism sooner or later they would re-evolve back to our current mess. 

 Still I look towards those sparks of true Freedom knowing that one day humanity will get fed up with Capitalistic living and try Anarchy for real and maintain it for the rest of humanity. Ounce it is tried on a grand scale and works people will rush to be part of the better life, of Gods Kingdom on Earth.


2 Responses to “Why do I think Anarchy will work opposed to Capitalism?”

  1. I really like the attitude here, but I’m weary about so many big concepts all in the same place. Any work that makes broad generalization about so many big ideas in such a small space has got to be omitting something, right?

    So, let’s start from the begining: What does it mean for a system to “work”? Beyond that, it might be good to describe how Anarchy and any kind of Religion are compatible? What do the two have in common?

    • To be honest I omitted nothing, that is how I feel about Anarchy, as far as religion if you do some research you will find that most of the prophets, holy men, and Guru’s of the major world religions espoused Anarchistic ideals but as time moved on and Empires adopted such religions, often corrupting them or keeping the word from the people they distorted the image of what was meant. Both Anarchism and religion want to achieve simple living, communal living, peace on earth, and a way of life that benefits every sentient creature on earth. I would say just about every religion is compatible with Anarchy, especially Buddhism, and the Abrahamic faiths. Check out the kingdom of God is within you by Leo Tolstoy for a start.

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