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I wrote this in honor of a great but mostly unknown poet Walid al-Taha I have always felt a connection with this man.

The View of a Moslem in Babylon

Put some erratic jazz on the radio

Sit up in bed

Lean my head against the wall

Rest my eyes

The monkey crawls under my skin

The nod sets in

Images of Walid al-Taha appear before me

He teaches me his Sufi ways

Moving, huffing, round to New Mecca

With every step another lesson


He brings me to forgotten ruins

Places over looked knowledge in my being


We stand on the cusp of damnation and sainthood

We are Aquarian anarchists

Creation steppers

He gives me and calls me by my new name

Allah is ever surrounding us


Walid al-Taha evaporates into the mist of Avalon

Junk manna lay at my feet

Jazz ends

The monkey dies

I open my eyes to an infinite world of possibilities

New insights for a new age




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I find it strange that Viacom is saying that the T.M.N.T. no longer belongs to the people who grew up with it in the 1980’s. Saying now it belongs to the younger generation but I must remind Viacom that it was the 80’s generation that made T.M.N.T. the household name that it has become. If that generation rejected the Turtles then we would not be having this conversation. Also, certain things do belong first to the generation that initially liked it and then second to every other generation. Examples are shows like Leave it to Beaver, the name itself brings back 1950’s America, the Beatles who were the 1960’s, Led Zeppelin makes one think of the 1970’s, Nintendo is a 1980’s staple, Rocco’s modern Life reeks of the 1990’s, etc, etc
It is the generation of the 1980’s who will pay to buy tickets, dolls, and other products.
Now I am not saying that this generation cant enjoy the T.M.N.T. just like we have all enjoyed things from former generations but let us not destroy the foundation just to appease a newer crowd. Let those who truly love the show find it and feel that link to the past and future, allow every generation to add to it not destroy it. Build a legacy instead of slipping by as appeasers who only linger on because of the great past they had. Don’t be the Rolling Stones.


So far married life is going well, though we have has some snags in the road and getting use to each others moods, and habits can be a little frustrating at times it’s all worth it knowing that I’m with someone who accepts me and loves me for me flaws and all. I feel like I can breath for the first time in my life. In many ways all my former negative notions about marriage have vanished. Ounce you accept that married life is constant work and it takes two to make it float or sink and you take away society’s picture perfect glossy mess then you see it as what it is two people who love another and vow to be devoted to one another as long as they both walk on earth. It’s building a life together. Of course you have to do it with someone who sees the world in a similar way, and you have to have similar interests to a point otherwise that may be disastrous. Well, that’s all I have to say so far, I’m a happy, happy, hubby.

Only we can make peace in this world

Only we can make peace in this world

Anarchy is Order and Anarchy will bring PEACE not big governments


It has been stated by the so-called civilized world that Anarchists should be treated as terrorists. So they are systematically hunting down and jailing many for nothing more than holding an opinion, which the capitalist world does not agree with. The irony is that one of the things Anarchists preach against is governmental excess when they have too much power not only to enslave physically but also mentally. I would dare to say that Anarchists will be the saviors of civilization not the ones to bring it o an untimely end but unlike our capitalist brothers and sisters we have learned from human history. What did we learn? That you cannot have tyranny in any form that it may take from the ancient world until now tyranny has been the ruling force behind history. The Anarchist accepts the fact that we must completely change every aspect of our way of life if we are to truly create the world that we as a species have been dreaming about since we stood on the planes of Africa. It is the capitalists who are the terrorists; it is they who are holding the world ransom with a fake economy scheme and endless wars purposely and continually degrading humans down to a status even lower than all other animals. The anarchists are only telling the truth that this way of life must end and will end but unlike the capitalists the anarchists want to preserve human dignity not destroy that for greed and we know by having localized lifestyles were everyone works together and has a part to play will allow humans to flourish and reach peaks in which the human mind has yet to comprehend. Sometimes you must take a step back in order to take a greater step forward.


Last call
Roll the ball
What will the eye loose?

Behind the cat is a way to get small
In front of the caterpillar you’ll grow tall
A choice of no choice at all
Relevance is only dependant on if you know who you are

Secret love can’t embrace the sun
Jupiter is the father of Pluto
Hunger dives with swans
Oranges for sale

Freedom the eternal pipe dream
In hale knowledge to escape poverty
Embers showed me true reality
Few will know the joy I have found

The further from God I feel the closer I am
Disturbed by what I was about to become
I knocked until Moses answered the door
Flooded roads don’t bother me
Howl on lost puppy
Winding cakes vomit bunnies
All is mind,
Mind is all
Fragrance travels up from Hull

Unearth the earth you’ve created
Hope you enjoy the meal you’ve prepared
Choke it down if you must
You have only you to blame

Last call
Roll the eight ball
What will you lose?
Only you can choose

© 2012 Abdul Batin Osman Bey


Twirling round for days
In a new found haze
Liberated from my mind
The black sparrow turns white
Left with only a gaze
Into our comfortable maze
Let the sun go down to bring the night

Shut down
Shut down
Allow your physical self to cool

No more roaming eyes
Nothing left to breath
How many stars have burned up in this second?
Captured slightly out of time
Reversing the process of rewind
Moments flicker in tune with the hollow earth

Shut down
Allow your physical self to cool

© 2012 Abdul Batin Osman Bey


 Well, it’s been a while since I have been on here and I almost forgot about this place. I have been busy working with both Moorish Orthodox Church of America and the Moorish Science Temple of America, as well as the Al-Khidr Mosque. Also, I have been writing lots of poems and posting them on, ( and on ( to stay in touch you can look me up on Twitter Abdul Batin Bey and of course on Facebook just search Abdul Batin Osman Bey and I will pop right up. 

 I have been keeping up with the RNC and the DNC they both talk the talk but will they ever walk the walk??? 

Last but not least I got married to a wonderful woman named Kristin who I love more than she will ever know.

next time I write it will be either a poem or an article of some sort. Sorry for being away.


Well Kara and I talked and she told me that she simply fell out of love with me and that’s why everything hit the fan. I can respect that and at least she finally came clean instead of playing any more head games.
Instead of feeling hurt I felt and feel relieved, relieved that the truth finally came out and that it all makes sense now. She doesn’t want to be friends which is fine with me. Now it’s back on the dating hunt.
As they say at pagan weddings As long as love lasts because they know it doesn’t always last.


When the sun goes down on my life
I would like you to be there
as my simple friends
as a one time companion
it would comfort me so
seeing your radiance before I let go
into the garden of the unknown